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Angel sitting

An angel sitting is for you who seek spiritual guidance about life and your life situation. A healing conversation filled with comfort, messages & love.

20 %

Angel reading

An angel reading is more than looking into the future. It's a way to provide empowering, positive messages, tools and the guidance you need here and now. A reading aims to elevate, motivate and encourage you to reach your full potential.
20 %

Angel healing

Together with the archangels, Daniel sends life energy that circulates to all your vital organs and is like a purification that heals and flushes your energy system on blockages, balances your chakras and gives you protection.
20 %

Energy clearing

During a energy clearing, Daniel comes to you / your company and does an extensive clearing in all rooms, together with Archangel Michael and helps spirits home to the light.

Soul portrait

Daniel tones in on you and your soul. Together with the angels and based on his feelings, he creates a healing energy painting and attaches a personal soul letter with insights from your previous lives and lessons.

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