Discover, embrace & develop Your mediumship
with this popular and unique mediumshipcourse!

What will you learn?

This course gives you all the tools you need for your mediumship. Simple, concrete methods, to get in touch with the angels and the spirit world. Deliver messages from the two in different ways such as readings, healing, intuitive art and house energy cleansing.
The course is both spiritually and personally developing and gives you a good foundation to stand on in the mediumship and your contact with the angels.

You study the course at your own pace and the course is divided into 4 modules. 

A few words from previous students

"This training has taught me to express my feelings in words more than three sentences, Thank you!"

"The course is highly recommended with its broad content that allows you to find and shape your own path as a spiritual angelmedium!"

"Daniel, thank you so much for giving me the privilege of attending your course."

“Absolutely magical what an inner journey this course has taken me on. I'm just saying WOW! ”

“It has been super good for me. It feels like I have risen in the vibrations in my body overall. Helped me stay focused on myself while having a tough family life so I can say I jumped on it at the right time in life. ”

“I am so happy that I found you and your course!!! The layout has been great and it has been soooo instructive! Thank you so much for everything! ”

"A rewarding and fun education with warm and nourishing energies."

Course overview

The course is divided into 4 modules.
An extensive education where theory and practice are alternated to give you
all the knowledge you need to begin your development & your mediumship.

Module 1

In this first module you will learn more about mediumship and your clairsenses.

You will also learn how to meditate, read objects, see auras on humans, plants and animals, learn how to protect and ground your self, give readings with a pendulum and also learn more about ethics and morals.


Psychometry ✦ Pendulum ✦ Ethics & Morality ✦ Chakra Knowledge ✦ Protection
Meditation ✦ Clairvoyance ✦ Grounding ✦ Aura knowledge ✦ Angel knowledge I

Module 2

In the second module, you will learn more about the difference between tarot and oracle cards and how to provide guidance with oracle cards.

You will also learn how to contact your guides and guardian angels, open up to start painting psychic art and healing energy paintings and learn to give angel healing. In connection with the healing, you will also be certified in Angelic Flush Healing.


Oracle cards ✦ Guardian angels ✦ Spirit guides ✦ Healing

Psychic Art ✦ Angel knowledge II

Module 3

In the third module you will learn more about the spirit world. How it works and how you open up to hold private sessions or, if you wish, platform mediumship. You will also learn more about how to perform energy house clearings in different ways and connect to channel.

Note! Performing platform mediumship is not included in the syllabus.


Spirit world ✦ Mediumship readings ✦ Energy house clearings ✦ Channeling

Module 4

In the fourth and final module, you will learn more about soul groups and past lives, how to get in touch with nature, intuitive animal communication and more about spiritual entrepreneurship.

The whole course ends with a small final exam.


Past lifes ✦ Nature devas ✦ Laws of Karma ✦ Intuitive animal communication

Spiritual entrepreneurship ✦ Angel knowledge III ✦ Final exam


Can anyone take this course?
Absolutely, but you must be at least 18 years old when the course begins! We all have the ability within us, but sometimes you may need help to get the right tools.

Does the course involve training on clients?
Yes, you will be training on a number of clients distributed over the course. You book these clients yourself and they will need to fill in a client report. You do also have access to a closed group via Facebook with current and former students that you can practice on.

I suffer from mental illness, can I still take this course?
Daniel advises you not to take courses in personal and spiritual development and does not take responsibility for the consequences that may arise. If you have e.g. delusions, a course can make your situation worse. You must be in balance when you start your course and this also applies if you have fatigue depression or other depressive disorders as our senses are strengthened during the development. If you are unsure of your health, we refer you to a psychiatrist instead and if you take any form of psychotropic drugs, you should not take a course.

Can you take this course online?
From November 2021 this course will only be available online until further notice.

What is the difference between a Spiritual angelmedium and a angelmedium?
This training, where you become a certified Spiritual Angelmedium, is more comprehensive than most Angel medium training courses. Some become angel mediums during a weekend, but this is so much more. The spirit world and the angel realm unite and gives you a broad foundation to stand on in your mediumship.

Can you pay the course in installments?
Ja du kan välja att delbetala via Klarna eller betala kursen direkt genom Swish/kortbetalning. Om du inte blir godkänd av Klarna är det Swish/kortbetalning som gäller som alternativ.

Only £ 289 for the course!

For those of you who take the course for your own development and do not want a certificate, you do not need to submit your assignments.

If, on the other hand, you want a certificate at the end of the course, you need to send in a copy of all exercise assignments and client reports under module 4. These then need to be approved to at least 80%.

You can always during the course, ask for help by sending Daniel an e-mail.

You will need an oracle card deck, pendulum and soft pastel crayons.

The oracle cards that the course is based on are Angel Advice oracle cards. These can be ordered here on the website.

Pendulum is also available here on the website to order if you do not already have one.

Note: Från 20/1 2022 höjs priset till 4495 kr.

Keep in mind that all courses with spiritual development are also equally personal development and will have a cleansing effect and require that you work with yourself to become a clear channel to the angels and the spirit world.