Daily oracle card

3 korts läggning

Här kan du prova orakelkorten och ge dig själv en mer utförlig vägledning genom dåtid, nutid och framtid.

Start by shuffling the cards by clicking "Shuffle".

Think or say aloud to yourself:
"I ask for the guidance I need here & now".

Focus and then click on the card and read the guidance the angels have for you today.

Then thank the angels for their message.

Önskar du en enklare vägledning med ett budskap för dagen, klicka här.


This deck consists of 44 cards, all filled with light, love and healing from the angels. Each card has a painting with angelic energies and a message to you. Over time, along with the angels, you will let the cards speak your own language and you can make interpretations after that.

Whether you are seeking guidance for yourself or someone else, these cards can provide valuable advice and insights.